Welcome Beauty! Nice to meet you!


I’m Francesca, born and raised in Venice, Italy since 1991. I divide myself between the lagoon and the Dolomites, which I absolutely love. The passion I have for science, nature and the outdoors has grown with the years and brought me to new challenges, getting closer to nature on different aspects.

I’ve always been the one caught red-handed with her nose in a new book or comic each time I was told to tide up her room or lunch was ready, but right now, after a BD of Arts, I’m enrolled in a BD of Forest Science gaining different types of knowledge in botany, chemistry to name a few courses.. Love it!



Here’s my path:

Since 2015, coming home working as a waitress in the Alps, I had the nth awful cough and bronchitis when

a friend of mine introduced me to very specific supplements based exclusively on super fruits!

Guess what?! ..Since that moment, things are completely changed!

Later on, led by curiosity I’ve found out that they are nutraceuticals: a powerful combination of functional food that’s the real deal when speaking about long-term prevention. That’s what you need actually!

Imagine that you’re feeling sick, lying on your bed and out of nowhere your bff share with you a basket of juicy fruits just picked from a luxuriant tree, just like when you were a kid and used to climb up the apple tree in your grandpa’ s backyard.

How is this fruit? Healthy, sweet, I know you’re already mouth-watering!! And I have tell you, Mother Nature does a pretty good job when speaking of long-term prevention (prevention is better than cure, right?).



My mission:

I was taught that powerful combinations of these type of fruits help us dealing with stress, nourishing problems, sleep disorders, skin rushes just to name a few of them. Really cool stuff!

My mission through this website and social networks is to help you, inspire you and guide you sharing a mix of mom’s recipes and botanical fun facts (I learn in my courses and seminars) to let you see things a little bit differently and makes you glow with enthusiasm from the inside out!

I think it’s great to spread awareness(did you know that 7 medical visits out of 10 are due to food problems? That’s remarkable and avoidable!) and I do my best to simplify chemical and botanical concepts. I define myself a sort of translator, a bridge between the two worlds!

Hope you enjoy it! Let me know your ideas and suggestions!


Xoxo Francy


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Fun facts about me:


I played volleyball for 12 years, but sport I love the MOST is ice skating! I definitely have a thing for Meryl Davis and Charlie White, Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje. Now, I love swimm

hot summer

As the summer heat was unbearable, I hid my pillow in the freezer when I was a kid…desperate time calls for desperate measures! Maybe I should try it now too!


I wish I were an Astronomer working at NASA or a goodwill ambassador for the environment at UNEP


Always waited for my owl to go to Hogwarts


I have a Berner Mountain Dog that I love, she’s 8 years old and she’s my best hiking buddy!


I love the Murder, She wrote mystery novels!

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