Fruit supplements are great to prevent oxidative stress, cell and, DNA damage!

Curious to learn why and how you can do that?

Shown below you have the most simple and important concepts to know ūüėČ

Since 2015, I had more insights about nutrition (I came back home from working in the Alps with a very bad laryngitis and bronchitis).

As months passed, I attended different seminars on this topic and gained more knowledge about long-term prevention.




there’re LOTS of information out there about what’s right or wrong¬†when it comes to food.

It’s quite confusing at times.

I believe the best solution is following the 80/20 rule.

80% of your diet should absolutely be composed of greens, fruits (and fruit supplements too, I explain everything in a minute).

And just occasionally give yourself some indulgence.

I made this brief foreword just to say that it’s not just a single product that makes the difference.

You can have the best combination of antioxidants and minerals, but¬†if you’re not committed to investing in your wellness,

being healthier with taking simple actions every day you end up being disappointed.


What I’ve learned so far, it’s that you need a mindset shift,¬†not buying random stuff.

You may be confused at this point, stay with me in this reasoning.¬†ūüėČ

I’ve talked to a lot of people in these years.


One thing is sure: those who are succeeding in long-term prevention:

take small actions every day and have great results in the next decades.

Don’t wait until your tests reveal serious deficits.

Being healthier over the years is actually what impact the most your life!


Here below I share the (absolutely personal) benefits, my beautiful friend Catia is experiencing with great fruit supplements.

Read more testimonials here.

(I always want to highlight that this is just a personal experience, none of these affirmations aim to treat, diagnose, cure any issue or want to replace the great job doctors do every day.)




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Fruit supplements allow you to FILL IN THE LACK OF NUTRIENTS you have with processed food.


This affirmation is actually the core of the whole concept.

Having studied soil chemistry, I discussed a few examples of how soil can be polluted and how long you can, literally, “eat” the consequences on your¬†daily meal.

Let’s make complex concepts easier.

First of all, once the soil is polluted, as said, chemicals are passed on to the plants.

Secondly, plants (fruits or greens) are harvested, then you find them on shelves.

Thankfully nowadays there lots of organic farms, so the quality of fruits and vegetables is a little bit higher.

However, you should eat every day at least 5-6 portions of fruit and vegetables.

Do you do that?

I’m sure that you, like me, do a concrete effort to include more greens in your diet, but eating 18 ounces (0,5 kg)

ONLY of fruits, EVERY DAY can be very challenging. 

I bet you’re always in a hurry due to work, kids, grocery shopping etc…

How many times do you grab a quick sandwich and gulp it down as quickly as possible because your lunch break it’s almost over?

And maybe the few alternatives you have are actually not so healthy at all?!







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What are those antioxidants, flavonoids, polyphenols, and minerals that everyone talks about?


All these “strange” words state a different chemical compound.

These molecules come from the secondary metabolism of plants and are the largest group of nutrients ever known.

There are about 4000 subtypes of flavonoids and they’re part of the category of polyphenols.

Sometimes, plants produce them as a defense mechanism (an example is the deep blue of the blueberry.)


Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and they produce this deep pigment as a defense from the intense UV rays at 60000 inches altitude.)

So, flavonoids are also a class of phytonutrients that produce the colorful pigments of plants.

Studies are still evolving, and right now flavonoids are a powerful help thank their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

They are amazing also to prevent cardiovascular diseases and nervous system deficits.


Among these INCREDIBLE substances like flavonoids or antioxidants, you have your allies to prevent and repair tissues-damaging too.

Taking the right mix of fruit supplements you start to preventing these problems.

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This is another incredible story, the one of my dear friend My.



You see how much value can you add to your life when you’re experiencing such great benefits?!

It’s absolutely life-changing!

You are unique. Your body is unique.

Even though you absolutely must asking for your medical advice for every specific issue, what I’ve learned is that your body is a perfect machine.

It works perfectly with the right fuel.

Willing or not, you eat 3 times a day and most of this food doesn’t cover your daily intakes of nutrients.


By taking every day something that combines together the most powerful sources of antioxidants like

blueberry, raspberry, pomegranate, grapes (Vitis vinifera), mangosteen, amla, aloe, just to name a few of them,

you make a great impact on your wellbeing.

What I’m talking about it’s absolutely NOT a fancy diet or strange beverage.

I’m talking about a precise system, a ready-to-go, and all-inclusive antioxidants-and-minerals BOMB!

One simple gesture. Taste the best Nature offers you!





The list can go on and on with endless descriptions of all the studies, results etc…

What’s most important, I’d like to give you clarity on some main concepts that everyone, not only to experts.



Every day, your body is exposed to the oxidative stress at your workplace, outside, and with all the other activities you do in your hectic life.

What’s the oxidative stress?

Simplifying the concept, free radicals attack your cells and your whole body and this aggressive action produce oxidative stress.

When your tissues or cells are way too stressed, they can’t cope with it and can’t carry out their functions at their best.

By not performing at their best, they will be damaged in the long run.

Examples are a dull skin, more frequent bugs, serious deficits or less focus and energy for example.

Your body and your immune system are weaker because they’re not supported as they should be.

You ask a lot from your body, but how can a Ferrari win the race if it runs out of fuel?

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Thank their anti-inflammatory benefits, antioxidants are helpful with these serious issues.

Great fruit supplements allow you to have a clean source of antioxidants too.

CVDs are the world’s leading global killer, a definition made by the WHO.

(CVDs are the 1 cause of death in the world).

You can absolutely prevent Cardiovascular diseases first and foremost with a healthy lifestyle and better food habits.

If you want to learn more about what food is more alkaline or more acid, this article is for you.

You even find a list of the most common alkaline/acid food.

Sounds crazy, how much the daily choices you make lead to completely different results!

Antioxidants help to improve the quality of your blood vessels walls. 

In a study conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2002, that a higher level of quercetin (a polyphenol) lead to a lower risk of ischemic heart disease.

Others polyphenols lead to lower cerebrovascular disease rates.

These are just a glimpse of this fascinating and natural world.

Would you ever guessed that small fruits could have such a great impact?! 

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As the intriguing 25-years-study conducted by the National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection of The Netherlands and published in 1995 says, flavonoids are associated with longevity.

In fact, they decreased the difference in mortality rates for cancer and coronary heart disease of 25%.

This is a strong statement, realized how important they are?

Moreover, given that the whole family of flavonoids has anti-inflammatory properties, they control the “feeling-full” hormone (leptin) too.

This means you have an extra help to keep your weight and appetite under control.

Do not think to replace a balanced food diet by eating or drinking food supplements!

As the name says they are a powerful tool to keep up with the lack of nutrients you have in your regular food.

Respect your body and it helps you.

Fruit supplements are the perfect gift you can give to your body! In my FREE GUIDE, I’ll tell you how amazing this gift can be ūüėČ




Food supplements are great for this reason!

3 years ago I had the incredible pleasure to start using a product that sums up all these features!

Not dozens of strange bottles, just one concentrated juice! 

Every morning you have the full intake of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that your body DOES NOT produce by itself!

With a simple gesture, your protect your whole body.

If you leave out such an incredible opportunity I’m sure you’ll regret it!

Just having a ready to go product everywhere you go, with 23 functional cold-pressed super fruits that work in synergy to give you a great energy and benefits that are unique to you!

You are unique, the benefits you experience are unique too!

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The worst alternative is filling in every cabinet and shelf of your home with strange labeled bottles or beverage.

Stuff often half chemical or, however, that you don’t commit to taking, or you don’t even know what’s inside.

I’ve seen too many great friends do that, but once I’ve shared this gift with them they were so excited!!!

You want to be excited, not disappointed!

You know what’s one of the key secrets that make this super fruit blend so great and safe to use?

Unless you’re intolerant to most of fruits and greens, you have a blend of super fruits that not only have the most difficult certifications to get

(DSA, SELDIA), but this blend DOES NOT OVERCHARGE your organs!

How many strange stuff out there may cause problems if you take them every day?!

(Usually, when you buy them they tell you to take them for X weeks or months and then you need a break)

BUT if something is 100% natural (fruits + greens), why should I stop taking it, if it’s well-known you should eat 6 portions EVERY DAY of fruits and greens?!¬†

Great fruit supplements make this difference!

For this reason, I’ve created this FREE GUIDE for you!

I’m sure you enjoy it!

xoxo Francy



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