Back on November 2014 I went to Kenya with a group of others 20 people. I decided to go there mainly for two reasons: 1) I decided it was my graduation trip (I finished my BD in modern languages, English and German) and 2) I’ve always been passionate about wildlife and the environment, elephants, giraffes and lions, it was like a dream coming true.
If you are passionate about elephants and want to help the cause (an extremely high number of elephants are poached illegally every day) please visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust website.
I stayed there 10 days and during this experience I had the chance to learn more about the dangers elephants face every day, how the vet units rescue them and how amazingly caring the keepers are with them! They share such an incredible bond!



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I think giraffes, the tuigas, are such peaceful and cute animals! I can wish all of you to try a safari at dawn once in a lifetime! It’s a unique experience and you really fell like you’re inside a scene of the Lion King LOL! Our guide was a masai. They have an incredible knowledge about wildlife and are able to see every single animal that moves on the ground. One evening we had dinner in the middle of the bush with typical music and dances. I really enjoyed the Kenyan cuisine, lots of vegetables and spices. My favourite ever is the mango juice! It tastes amazing!

Xx Francy


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