I tell you all about your go-to, plant-based teammate.

Can you imagine finishing your work out full of energy and not exhausted or out of breath, just because you know you’ve pushed yourself a bit too much beyond your limits?

I’ve been playing volleyball at a competitive level for more than a decade and I perfectly understand the limit between feeling the adrenalin during a training and the fatigue that makes you out of breath for 10 minutes.


Sometime, all you wish for is an oxygen mask but, hey!

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Training should be all about getting in shape, feeling great and having fun! It can be all these things only if you’re pumped up with energy.

So, what’s the secret you’ll be asking! Since spring 2015, I got more into nutrition as I felt quite sick and a friend of my mum introduced me to specific nutraceuticals (it means specific foods with lots of nutrients that help you dealing with many ailments).

In this case I want to tell you why the noni plant should always be your go-to from now on! If you are already familiar with noni, which scientific name is morinda citrifolia, you probably know about its Polynesian origin and, as we say in Italy, it’s like the parsley! It means it’s everywhere, it’s an ancient plant appreciated and used for almost 200 remedies in the Eastern culture.


What you may not know yet, it’s what makes it so effective!

In the seminars I attended, I’ve learnt that noni is one of the few plants in the world that naturally stimulate the production of nitro oxide in your blood vessels.

What’s this nitro oxide you say? Well, it’s a vital and volatile molecule that helps your cells getting the energy and oxygen that make the different between being exhausted or feeling great while training.


You know why you have lactic acid or cramps?

What happens is a lack of oxygen for your muscles! You can’t survive without oxygen and, on a smaller scale, it’s the same for your cells.

Oxygen is produced by mechanisms where cells need energy! How can a Ferrari win the race if it runs out of fuel?

Our body is the same. Sport is absolutely important for our wellbeing, but you can’t hike a mountain with flip flops! You need the right equipment!

Using the benefits of noni during your work out, it’s like giving your cells and muscles the top performance gear you’ve been dreaming of your whole life!


4 Quick noni benefits to remember:

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  1. It’s a bomb of antioxidants: many of them are beta-carotene, coenzyme Q10, flavonoids, selenium, vitamins etc. Using noni, you cover many of them!

For example, the way I take noni I get also magnesium, coenzyme Q10, chromium, zinc, niacin in just few drops! I can guarantee you: you can hike for 2 hours without being out of breath!

  1. It’s amazing to healing injuries and it’s a great anti-inflammatory and vasodilator! As you provide your body with much-needed nutrients that can reduce and even help eliminate inflammations!

Inflammations are the origin of the most serious illnesses.

  1. During and after your workout, it repairs your cells: noni has alkaloids (essential to maintain a healthy balance of the body). Your body produces an alkaloid called xeronine (a must have that activates enzymes, but it’s consumed right away so there’s not enough for cellular repair ).

The noni juice has proxeronine. This one prompts the release of xeronine in the intestinal tract once in contact with a specific enzyme within the noni juice. This definitely boosts your cellular function!

  1. Noni boosts your immune system! It contains 17 amino-acids very useful to keep your body strong and it helps you dealing with free radicals formed when food is converted into energy, such as during a work out.

You have such great performances with noni as your teammate!

There are lots of professional athletes out there that love this fruit! I’m a fan of it too. I hope my testimonial and knowledge about the noni plant serves you.

Want to know more about this topic and where you can get a noni clean source to use whenever you want?


As always I love hearing your stories and ideas, so feel free to share thm in the comments below.



Photo credit: Starr Environmental via Visualhunt.com / CC BY

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