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Today I share with you a few of my favorite smoothie recipes cards that you can download right away!

How great is to take advantage of fresh fruit and drink something refreshing, healthy and tasty?!

Have you ever thought about that?

I think it’s amazing! I’m curious to know what’s your favorite recipe and fruit combination.

Mine it’s for sure something that involves blueberries, pomegranate, and grapefruit!

I really enjoy their little sour taste.

Be hydrated and every day of the week is very important, but you (like me) sometimes forget to do that!


The Smoothie recipe Cards: the easiest way to stay hydrated!

Staying hydrated it’s crucial for your body and the easiest way to do that is by drinking at least 1- 1 1/2 liters of water.

However, sometimes I personally struggle just to drink water every time I can, especially in winter when the weather can be really cold.

I know you feel the same way now and then, that’s why in the smoothie recipe cards I’ve summed up tasty ideas.

I think a great way to stay hydrated is blending the pure juice you get from squeezing or blending fruits like blueberries, mangos or apples with water.

Just to be more specific, when I say “pure fruit juice” I mean without any type of sugar or artificial sweeteners. 

In fact, as you know sodas or coffee don’t let you be hydrated at all.

Your body is made with an average of 70% of water.

So, water is absolutely the most important source of hydration you should rely on.

However, I think that thinning water down with fresh fruits juice makes the whole process easier and tastier!

Now, I share with you 3 main benefits you can get from drinking more water.


smoothie card



There are LOTS of benefits you experience with a proper hydration.



When you are properly hydrated, the quantity of water present in your blood is approximately 92%.

This is a great advantage for your blood flow.

Keeping your veins clean and flexible is essential to avoid very serious issues like cardiovascular diseases.

So, drinking lots of water is the first step in this right direction! In this case, the smoothie recipe cards can help you with new and simple ideas.



Dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, and signs of aging are all increased by dehydration.

Again, your cells, tissues, at every level of your body need lots of water to work properly.

The same thing happens to your skin!

Your skin is an organ like the others and when it’s neglected, it appears inflamed, congested, irritated and dried.

In fact, the lack of water represents a further source of stress for your body on the whole.

This process impacts also your aging process because aging correlates with the fatigue your tissues, and cells suffer when they’re not hydrated.



During workouts, you strain your joints and consequently their cartilage.

Especially the cartilage is mainly made of water, so dehydration make them stiff and even sore.

In the smoothie recipe cards, you’ll see how to combine different fruits to drink something healthy every time you want!


smoothie card


I hope this has been useful for you, and that you’ll enjoy the smoothies recipes I’ve gathered for you!

Adding some freshly squeezed lemon or pomegranate juice, or some mint leaves to your water make absolutely easier and funnier stay hydrated all day long! You find more benefits in my free guide.


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