Growing up I’ve realized how important the Outdoors are to me! I found myself wondering how would it be living this way or at least, when it’s not possible, spending most of the time near a park, garden or a tree ..whatever that reminds me of this bond!

My winter “white week” was definitely my fav escape of all time and I couldn’t wait for that time of the year when I could run away from my routine and be in my happy place where I could think freely and listen to that precious connection. That’s why I’ve started creating the life I want and nature is in the centre of it. Besides, having my awesome Berner puppy made me loving even more being outdoors with her.

Dolomites are my happy place (I hope to visit Lake Louise and the Rockies asap), here you see me at the Sorapis Lake with my friend Linda, near Cortina; along the trail of the “Croda da Lago” (the two pictures above) and the view from my fav pizzeria in La Villa, Val Badia. I can’t wait to tell you more about this topic in the next posts!

Xx Francy

This is near Croda da Lago, Cortina (BL)


This is Val Badia, Trentino Alto Adigedolomiti 2

Alta Badiathe outdoors: the dolomites

Lago di Sorapis, Cortina (BL)dolomites 3

Torri del Vajolet with my friend Linda back in August 2015, 2600 mdolomites 4

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